One week until Christmas!! Can you believe it?  I know there are many seasoned “Elfers” out there, but this was the first year we did Elf on the Shelf at our house.  To be honest, I have always found it a little creepy, but my oldest is four, and I thought this year he would understand and think it was fun…..y’all… has HANDS DOWN been one of my favorite things about this Christmas season!  The second Logan opens his eyes every morning he says. “Mom! Let’s go find Aggie!!”  and the look on his face just gets me every time!  Christmas magic at it’s best!!

And if I’m really honest, I have had just as much fun doing it myself!  Two of my sweet girlfriends, Raychel and Heather also started this tradition this year, and we have giggled sending each other pics and ideas….it’s kind of like getting to play Barbies as adults…and in an all boy house, that makes me really happy!  So as we head into this final week, if your to-do list is long and you are running low on Elf inspo, not to worry!  Raychel, Heather and I have compiled 25 ideas in hopes of making this final countdown a little easier!

So without further ado, here are the adventures of Aggie (our elf named for my hubby’s alma mater Texas A&M), Belle (Raychel’s elf) and Princess Rosie (Heather’s elf).  Our picture quality is not always great because most of these were taken late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, but you’ll get the idea!

Heather and I had the same idea this day, but how creative is her shower cap?!  SO fun!  She bought these cover mates that can be purchased at Target or Walmart and just gathered the excess behind Princess Rosie’s head to make it tight!  Her cap on the candy cane….adorable!

Belle is whipping up some s’mores!

And who knew Aggie was also a mechanic?

Mickey knows all the scoop!  Heather totally gave me this idea!  These are the solo cup shot glasses from Walmart.  Mine had them on clearance for 50 cents, and they made the perfect telephone prop!

I’m sure many of you could create much more elaborate Lego projects, but I discovered it’s not really my strength.  I was trying to make a Christmas tree, but ended up with just this L!  Haha!  I told him it was for Lego, and of course, Logan!

We saw this little backpack in the ornaments department at Target, and Logan asked if we could please get it for Aggie.  It was stuffed with candy this day!

Aggie suggested we take these cans for the food drive.

I couldn’t help but get Aggie an outfit…..again, I live in a boy house.  No Barbies or dolls to dress, so our elf has a cheery little raincoat and boots.  My hubby totally gave me the side eye….

Princess Rosie making use of those candy canes!

If you’re local, Sweet Smith Bakery makes these elf cookies that are super cute and yummy!  Last I checked, she is still taking orders for pick-up through the 23rd (only $3 each!)

LOVE how Raychel used this fishing game!  So fun!

T-Rex with your teeth so white, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight!

Just a little Kleenex box nap for Belle.

Aggie hid 11 candy canes around the house for Logan to find on this day!

Heather made Princess Rosie this adorable tutu from hair ties she found at the dollar store!  So clever!!  The kuerig cup is such a fun idea too, just cut a straw down to fit your elf!

Belle delivered this gingerbread house kit on this day!  Love that this is something Raychel and her daughter could build together!

You know, just hanging out…

Sugar snow angels….Belle made angels out of sprinkles!

And most importantly, Belle reminding us the reason for the season!

I hope that you can find some ideas here that might help you this last week before your elf travels home for another year!  I’m sure many of you have super creative ideas that I would LOVE for you to share!  If you’re on the fence about the whole elf thing, I would encourage you to try it!  It has definitely brought a little extra Christmas magic to our home this year, and is a tradition that is here to stay!