It’s July in Texas and well, it’s hot…shocking, I know.  Although I’ve lived in Texas all my life, the 100+ degree temps of our summers are still a jolt to my system every year as my sunglasses steam up when I walk out the door, my curly hair frizzes to new heights, and my legs get stuck to the chair…it’s a pretty picture, right?  So to beat the heat we drink tons of water, and throw a fun drink in the mix now and then too!

Today’s peach raspberry lemonade is one of those fun drinks that’s refreshing, pretty and full of fruit!  The boys and I made this the other day, and although my four year old cried because it was pink, which clearly meant I was making him drink a girl’s drink….it had been a long day….he later told me it was his new favorite!  The emotional roller coaster of being four is REAL y’all!


1 cup fresh rasberries

3-4 peaches, pitted and cut into chunks

1 cup water

Lemonade- Feel free to squeeze your own lemon juice and add water and sugar.  I opted to buy pre-made lemonade to make life easier!  Simply Lemonade is my favorite.  I used the 1.75 L for this recipe.


Mint, Rasberries and Peach slices to garnish (optional)

Also needed:  A blender or food processor, a sieve or colander, a long spoon and a pitcher


Put your rasberries, peaches and water in a food processor or blender and puree.

Place a sieve over your pitcher and pour puree into the sieve, using the back of a spoon to move the puree around helping the liquid fall through.  This will keep the skin and seeds out of your drink.

Pour the lemonade into your pitcher.  Stir the lemonade and puree until blended.

Serve over ice and garnish with mint, raspberry and a peach slice (optional)

Easy peasy right?  I found this little juicer at Home Goods.  As I said, I used store bought lemonade for this recipe, but I’m sure I’ll use this sometime when I’m feeling more ambitious.  These are the things that just hop in my cart at Home Goods because they make me smile!  This happens to you too, right?  I also found it here. 

I hope you find fun ways to beat the heat this weekend!