I hope your holiday was FULL of happy!  My four year old is to the age where everything about Christmas is exciting and magical, and that made this year SO fun!  As we head into a New Year this weekend, I wanted to share my beverage of choice this holiday season, this Cranberry Moscow Mule!

It’s got ginger, it’s got cranberries (antioxidants)…..I mean, it’s basically healthy.  Ok, maybe not the vodka, but nobody’s perfect!  If you are needing a yummy drink to sip on New Year’s Eve, or a random Wednesday night (I won’t judge!) this is it!


Ginger Beer- There are many varieties, alcoholic and non-alcoholic.  Moscow Mules are very popular, so it’s not hard to find!

Cranberry Juice

Vodka- I like Grey Goose or Titos

1 Lime

Fresh Cranberries (optional)

Recipe for 1

Mix 6 oz of your ginger beer, 6 oz of cranberry juice, 2 oz. of vodka and the juice from half a lime.  Garnish with fresh cranberries (optional)

Now, I have served this drink to many people, you know, in the name of research, and some wanted to tweak this recipe a little.  I love the taste of ginger, but if it’s a bit strong for you, do 8 oz of the cranberry and only 4 oz of the ginger beer.

And if you’re needing some copper mugs, there are SO many cute ones out there.  I keep mine in the freezer so they are ready to go!

        This set is at Bed Bath and Beyond and is under $20 for the set of 2 (free shipping on orders over $29)

I got these Moscow Mule shot glasses at Christmas and they just make me giggle!  Buy one, get one 30% off all table top items at Target.


You can go ahead and pick up this 20 oz copper mug set at Target as well.


Or this mug that just makes me laugh.

Whatever mug you drink from, I hope you cheers to health, happiness and love for 2017!  It’s going to be an AMAZING year!