Happy New Year!  The Christmas décor is stored away…mostly…and we’re in full winter mode!  I say that, but I live in North Texas…it snowed here on Friday and today the high is 75!  Regardless, this time of year we tend to spend more time snuggled up at home, so we want our home to feel warm, welcoming and cozy!

Wood tiered tray

So if you’re trying to add a little more cozy to your casa and refresh after the holidays, here are a few elements to consider!  Some of these are no-brainers, but if you have a space that is just missing something, sometimes simple changes make a BIG impact.

Woven Tassel Throw Pillow (available in 3 colors)//Wood and Iron Light Fixture//Blue Glass Vase


As cheesy as it may sound, consider what you want a room to feel like and what colors give you that feeling.  After all the bright reds, greens and metallics of Christmas, I was very much in need of neutral.  My living room neutrals are whites, creams and beiges because of the color of my walls and furniture, and then I added some touches of blush, mint and gold (colors I am LOVING right now!) for a little pop.  Your neutral may be more cool colors: greys, blues and greens.  Try to decide a color palette and work within it based on what you have, then decide the accent colors.  Everything does not need to “match,”  it just needs to be in the same family.

As a guideline, think about it like a paint strip.  You can layer your décor within the range on your strip and add a “pop” with some of your accent pieces.  If you don’t like a lot of color, your “pop” may just be a much darker grey that wouldn’t necessarily be on your paint strip or a brighter white.  This makes your space look much more cohesive and calming.


Pillows, rugs, throws….duh!  I think this is where our minds immediately go when we think cozy!  Layer different fabrics to add more texture in your room.  Furs, cable knit, fleece, suede, cottons,when layered together, feel rich and warm.  Make sure throws are easily accessible to cuddle up….baskets and blanket ladders are great for this or just drape over a chair!

    Fur pillows //Similar Fur Pillow Covers (on sale)//Knit Pillow cover //Woven Tassel Throw Pillows (on sale, available in 3 colors) // Blush Velvet Pillow Cover (available in 14 colors)

Chenille Throw// Pom Pom Pillow//Velvet Throw Pillow cover//Wood Slice

Natural Elements

Anytime we can bring the outdoors in, it feels welcoming!  Branches, greenery, and wood all add dimension and texture to a space!  Find pieces that speak to your style and sprinkle them throughout.  This time of year I think of birch logs, baskets, pine cones, and greenery.

Coffee Table sold out, Similar and on sale here//Shelves// Darling Sign//Rug

Gold Lantern//Faux Fur Stool is from Hobby Lobby, similar here//metal basket

Add a Scent

Certain smells just make me feel happy and trigger special memories!  Consider changing up scents for the season with candles or oils.  I’m not a fan of heavily perfumed candles, so I love the fresh scent of this one.

Capri Blue Jar Candle 

I also love the smell of evergreen trees and would totally have a real Christmas tree in my home…if I weren’t allergic to them!  So I often buy candles with that scent this time of year.  Scents are definitely a personal preference, but can add such a warm feeling to a space.

Surround yourself with memories and people that you love

MOST IMPORTANT!  I can buy every item from a beautiful Pottery Barn spread, and it still not feel warm and cozy to me.  Your home should reflect YOU and the things (people) that mean the most to you.  My very favorite décor are photos of my family, items my boys have made, pieces with my favorite verses and quotes, gifts from people I love and souvenirs from trips.  They trigger happy memories and truly warm my heart.  These are also the types of items I LOVE to see in other people’s homes because it shows me who they are, and what is important to them.

I created this print for my mantle and would love to share it with you!  Prints are another easy way to easily change up your décor each season.  Simply download, print, and frame.  I recommend heavy white cardstock, but regular print paper works too!

You Warm My Heart 8×10 JPEG
You Warm My Heart 8×10 PDF
You Warm My Heart 11×14 Jpeg
You Warm My Heart 11×14 PDF

I hope you stay warm, in your home and in your heart!  Thanks for stopping by!