The word “farmhouse” takes me back to fun memories of my Nanny and Papa’s farm growing up.  Chasing goats, gathering eggs from the chicken coop, going fishing, and picking veggies from the garden were among our favorite things to do.  My Papa wore overalls and a trucker hat almost every day of his life.  He was 6’4 and my Nanny was barely 5 foot.  From the backseat of their car my Papa’s head nearly hit the ceiling and my Nanny’s didn’t even come to the head rest.  They were quite the pair!  My Papa was a man of few words, but when he spoke, everyone listened.  My Nanny could whip up anything in the kitchen and on a sewing machine.  They lived simply, worked hard and loved the Lord and our family more than anything!

Here’s a suuuper fuzzy pic of my brother and I with my Papa and some goats.  This was way before the days of camera phones people! Pay no attention to my very high-waisted jeans and tight sweatshirt…I feel sure I dressed myself!

I live in suburbia and my house is far from a “farmhouse.”  My farm would be in sad shape….I kill every plant I own and as far as raising animals goes….we don’t even have a dog!  BUT I do hope that one day my boys will describe our home with those same values.

Rustic Chicks Boutique sent me this “Home Sweet Farmhouse” and it makes me smile every time I see it….and makes me wonder if just maybe my Nanny and Papa are smiling down too!

While I don’t necessarily want my home to look like a barn, I do like to add little touches of farmhouse charm in the mix! Farmhouse style feels simple, cozy, and collected and mixes well with many other décor styles! Today, I’m sharing some fun, budget-friendly (all under $25) farmhouse finds to bring a little bit of that farmhouse feeling to your own home. I love that these pieces are very neutral and can blend seamlessly with other styles you have going on for an eclectic, but cohesive look!

Galvanized cake stand, available in 3 sizes  I have the 10 inch one, shown in the pic above with the apples on it!  Love it!

Green Market large wooden box H&M Home never disappoints! This box could be used as a planter, to hold pillows or throws or for any type of storage.  They have several other sizes  and finishes of this same design, also on sale.

5 inch mini faux plant in rustic planter Cute filler for all those little spaces!  I always find cute mini-plants at Marshall’s too!

Oversized, 24×24, linen striped pillow with fringe  Target has SO many cute new pillows right now!  I like the fringe details on this one and the material and stripes makes it feel very farmhouse!

Set of 4 16 oz. farmhouse mugs  These also remind me of the types of coffee mugs my Nanny had.  Lots of time sitting around the table listening to my mom and Nanny talk over coffee!  I used to think it was weird/gross that they drank coffee at all times of the day, and now that is totally me!!

3 piece ceramic tea, sugar and coffee containers These are small and more decorative than functional, but I think they would be adorable on your counter or a tiered tray!  There are 3 lid color options, but this aqua is my fave!

It’s a Good Day to have a Good Day pillow cover (under $5!)  I am always skeptical of these suuuper inexpensive pillow covers on Amazon, as I have been burned, but this one has 16 reviews, all 5 stars!

Deluxe Laundry Service  This is just a little storage container that might be cute for stray buttons or clothes pins.  It’s probably not super functional, but it’s under $12 and made me smile….and anytime anything about laundry can make me smile, I consider that a WIN!

Cow Creamer I mean, this just made me giggle

3 Tier Metal Glass Drying Rack I have this one from World Market and love it!  It also come is antique white here and they just added gold here…so fun!

Signe IKEA flatwoven striped kitchen rug This rug comes in a variety of colors and is available in store at IKEA for only $3.99.  They don’t offer it on their website though, so if you don’t have an IKEA near you, you can order it here.

Rustic blanket ladder This is a great price for this 5 foot ladder that could be used for blankets, décor, on your porch, etc.

Enameled Metal Coffee, Tea and Sugar Canister Set These are also small and more decorative than functional, but super cute!

A great source for daily décor deals is  They post daily deals at discounted prices in a variety of decorating styles.  Their inventory is limited, but you can often snag pieces you’ve seen at boutiques for half the price and just $5 set shipping.

I also created this Farmers Market print for my kitchen and thought I would share it with you!  Just download, print (I recommend heavy white cardstock, but any paper will work!) and frame!

Farmers Market Black jpg

Farmers Market Black pdf

Farmers Market Grey jpg

Farmers Market Grey pdf

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