The weather and a busy schedule have kept me from completing too many makeover projects lately… somehow never stops me from STARTING them, but actually finishing them….well, that’s another story!  I’m sure many of you with overflowing garages and attics can relate!  Thankfully today I do have a couple of completed before and afters to share with you from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  I love the ReStore for so many reasons!  Like shopping at Home Goods or Marshalls, finding treasures is hit or miss, but I enjoy the hunt, and knowing that should I find something, the price is always affordable.  Unlike those retailers, most of the items at the ReStore need a little TLC, but there is something rewarding about saving a piece from the dumpster and giving it new life, while contributing to a good cause!  All the proceeds from items purchased at the ReStore go to help Habitat for Humanity’s mission to provide housing for those in need!


So let’s talk about these little gems.  I found these at a local ReStore for $10 each.  They are fairly large in size (the cushion is 20×20) and they could serve as stools or ottomans.

I thought they could be extra seating for my boys, stools for them to help me in the kitchen, or a fun addition to the playroom!  BUT the gold paint had seen better days, and I wasn’t feeling the purple and gold fabric!

My father-in-law brought his electric sander when they came to visit, and we got to work.  How have I not had an electric sander?!? I like this one and this one.  It still took some time, but we took turns and got all the gold off.  Pretty sure by hand I would have given up!  Once it was gone I liked the natural look of the wood and decided to just keep them raw.  I then found this Nate Burkus fabric.

I pretty much think his style is flawless, and loved SO many of his fabrics.  You can shop more Nate Burkus fabrics here.  Once the legs were sanded and the cushions recovered, these babies were ready!


I also picked up this white shutter door at the ReStore for $15.  It was in good condition.  It just needed a good scrub down and some touch up paint.  I bought this little black knob and asked my dad to drill it into the top, so I can hang signs or wreaths in this little space.

It makes me smile layered behind my blanket ladder.

 striped tassel blanket (available in 4 colors)//similar planter//plants//Fresh Pies sign


chandelier//dining room chairs//vase//jute round rug

Thanks so much for stopping by!  To find a Habitat for Humanity ReStore near you, be sure to check out their website here.  If DIY is not your style, they are also a great place to take your home décor and building supply donations for an awesome cause!